Month: September 2016

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VIDEO: In closure with Well of Death riders!

When you grew up in a city where there is not much to do to have a good time rather than roaming around the city in cycles or going around the corner to play gully


DJI Osmo now available for your mobile phones!

After a year of releasing Osmo, DJI has added another product to their line which acts as a stabilizer for your mobile phones along with the ability to control it. As a result, it allows


ZEISS announces new 21-100mm zoom lens!

Filmmakers love those lenses which serve just more than being a lens. I guess ZEISS might just have that essence in their lenses to provide more to users than the usual lenses. The new ZEISS Lightweight

Go Pro

Go Pro hardly disappoints while launching products!

We all knew that Go Pro has been working on their drone for quite some time now. DJI definitely made a strong fan following for their insane drones with amazing stability. As a result, it

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Papa Machete

Papa Machete; the Haitian machete fencing master!

When we watch a documentary we are always seeking that storytelling approach which will make us hooked us to it. The purpose of a documentary is to tell stories which are real. And to set you through