Month: December 2016

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LED Lights under $50 for video!

Lighting is an important aspect of filmmaking. You can express your mood, convey the situation and build up a scene on the basis of lighting. When the budget factor becomes an obstacle, we should be

Guide to Cuts & Transitions for better editing.

Editing guide: Cuts & Transitions 101!

When it comes to storytelling, editing plays a big role. Cuts and transitions are very important in order to narrate a story, set the mood and replicate your emotions towards the audience. The following video by

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Whale Valley

Whale Valley : This short film will break you down!

Recently Vimeo’s Staff Picks featured Whale Valley. The short film released back in 2013. The film premiered in the Official Competition of the 66th Cannes Film Festival 2013 where it won a Special Mention. Since then it

Cameras released by SONY in 2016!

Cameras released by SONY in 2016!

2016 has been one exciting year for filmmakers and photographers in terms of new gears. Almost all the brands took the opportunity to unleash their new products at events like IBC, Photokina to name few. In perspective

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10 Gifts for the one with a creative vision

The essence of Christmas has already encroached us as December has arrived. Soon enough we will see the whole city getting lighten up for the occasion. It is that time of the year where families