Month: January 2017

Lighting techniques

Learn Basic Lighting Techniques Today!

Lighting can be a tricky thing and definitely the one that just needs a lot of experience to dial in. Anyone who knows about filmmaking has the slightest idea on how lighting plays a role

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Five Star

Five Star: Watch this amazing short film!

Five Star extracts out the confused emotions running through your mind with its strong narrative structure. To convey so emotions in such short span of time is very challenging. It’s a treat for you if

2017 Oscar Nominations, Complete list!

89th Oscar Nominations announced! 2017 Oscar Nominations are finally here. Without any surprise, La La Land dominated the list, followed by Arrival and Moonlight. Along with them Manchester By The Sea and Lion also fared in the

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos: Why your business need them!

The market is changing very quickly due to progress in technology. Now a consumer perceives a product very differently. More than a decade it has passed by the internet technology blended in the marketing playground

Understand the Laws of Light!

The camera is not your tool, it’s the object that simply records the light that you place in front of it. Photography or Videography is impossible without light. Jay P. Morgan mentioned in his Laws of