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Master Composition to improve Cinematography!

Explore the concept of Composition in Cinematography. Composition plays a vital role in cinematography as its the sole medium between conceptualizing your story and presenting it on screen. The importance is very high as it

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Zooms vs Primes

Zooms vs Primes, which one is better? Find out!

The debate about the better lens type is on for a long time. Many claim prime lenses contributes in your creative approach than the zoom lenses. Photographer Matt Granger posted a video where he explained very

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Transform your iPhone into a high-end camera via new FiLMiC Pro update!

Good news for smartphone filmmakers as FiLMiC Pro is back with a new update. The concept of enabling 4K in smartphones is to be there with the choice to capture your subjects at a decent

Mark Gatiss

Sherlock creator Mark Gatiss On Screenwriting

Screenwriting plays an important role when it comes to present your story to mass. Sherlock creator Mark Gatiss sat with BAFTA and gave his point of view on screenwriting. He starts off explaining the required

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BBC taking spying to a next level!

BBC has done something very interesting to get up close shots of animals in their hood. They made clones of animals with spy camera on them which looks creepy yet interesting. The cameras captured their