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Go Pro

Go Pro hardly disappoints while launching products!

We all knew that Go Pro has been working on their drone for quite some time now. DJI definitely made a strong fan following for their insane drones with amazing stability. As a result, it

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Papa Machete

Papa Machete; the Haitian machete fencing master!

When we watch a documentary we are always seeking that storytelling approach which will make us hooked us to it. The purpose of a documentary is to tell stories which are real. And to set you through


SONY launches two new action cameras!

Sony has announced two new live action cameras and thus expanding its expansion in the action camera product line as well. The feature which is drawing attention is the Sony FDR-X3000 and HDR-AS300 are both


We all at some point have the desire to own an action camera. Because it’s slightly easy to handle than DSLRs also easily accommodate in your pocket or tiny bag you carry while putting yourself


Angenieux drops two brand new Type EZ zoom lenses!

Angénieux has announced a new range of zoom lenses at IBC 2016 in collaboration with Band Pro Film & Digital Inc., and Jebsen Industrial Technology Co. Ltd. The new lenses are under Angenieux Type EZ Series