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euro 2016

VIDEO : EURO 2016 – In the most creative way!

Doodling Between the Headlines – Euro 2016 from Wriggles & Robins on Vimeo. Portugal recently clinched their first European title after an extra time strike from Éder. The tournament was pretty exciting with dark horses

DSLR Cameras

5 DSLR cameras a beginner can choose from!

We live in an age where you are not bound by any rules from anyone for not trying out what you might like. When you realize your interest in some sort of fields which are

digital cameras

5 digital cameras to capture your memories easily.

The sole purpose of a camera sometimes is to capture memorable moments. In order to do it we might not choose the option to use DSLR as it needs certain skill. This list is for


5 drones to kick off your aerial cinematography.

Drones are invading our day to day life every day. We all are aware of how we all love those aerial shots shown in the movies which are shot from helicopter. But technology has surpassed


Cinefade’s Depth of Field filter? Seems legit.

The aspiring industry of filmmaking has always fought hard to create standard quality films in as many ways they can. Various innovations are done in the process and I guess we have another one now.