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Taking a look at Canon’s new cameras!

Canon now has three new cameras to offer to its consumers: EOS M6, the 77D and the Rebel T7i. There’s also a Bluetooth remote BR -E1 and upgraded new Canon EF-S 18-55mm kit lens. The

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Transform your iPhone into a high-end camera via new FiLMiC Pro update!

Good news for smartphone filmmakers as FiLMiC Pro is back with a new update. The concept of enabling 4K in smartphones is to be there with the choice to capture your subjects at a decent

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BBC taking spying to a next level!

BBC has done something very interesting to get up close shots of animals in their hood. They made clones of animals with spy camera on them which looks creepy yet interesting. The cameras captured their

CES 2017, at a glance!

CES 2017 took place from January 5–8, 2017 in Las Vegas. Undoubtedly, It’s one of the biggest innovation show which is happening for 49 years. The visitors tally happens to be around 1,80,000 this time.

Lumix GH5 unleashed by Panasonic at CES 2017!

At Photokina 2016 Panasonic announced they will be releasing Lumix GH5 soon. But there was little information regarding the camera specs. Finally, at CES 2017 Panasonic has unleashed Lumix GH5. New GH5 comes with a