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Dolly & Zoom shots

Dolly & Zoom Shots, know the difference!

Dolly & Zoom shots are often used to visualise your story better. To understand how dolly and zoom shots work, the attached video can be referred. As explained in the video, dolly shots are the

Lighting techniques

Learn Basic Lighting Techniques Today!

Lighting can be a tricky thing and definitely the one that just needs a lot of experience to dial in. Anyone who knows about filmmaking has the slightest idea on how lighting plays a role

Understand the Laws of Light!

The camera is not your tool, it’s the object that simply records the light that you place in front of it. Photography or Videography is impossible¬†without light. Jay P. Morgan mentioned in his Laws of


Master Composition to improve Cinematography!

Explore the concept of Composition in Cinematography. Composition plays a vital role in cinematography as its the sole medium between conceptualizing your story and presenting it on screen. The importance is very high as it

Guide to Cuts & Transitions for better editing.

Editing guide: Cuts & Transitions 101!

When it comes to storytelling, editing plays a big role. Cuts and transitions are very important in order to narrate a story, set the mood and replicate your emotions towards the audience. The following video by