Cinefade’s Depth of Field filter? Seems legit.

The aspiring industry of filmmaking has always fought hard to create standard quality films in as many ways they can. Various innovations are done in the process and I guess we have another one now.

We have Cinefade which gives the cinematographers the ability to control the sharpness of background.  simply the power to control depth of field. Now that’s something which is good in storytelling and might serve specific requirement in cinematic expression.


This video explains everything, have a look. 

Filmmaker Oliver Janesh Christians combined two useful tools into one and created Cinefade. He took the motor control for an aperture rack (built by cMotion), and a variable ND filter, gave it motor control and synced them together. Thus the tool can do aperture rack which changes the depth of filth with ND filter. And keeping the exposure level constant.


Cinefade set up on a Red Epic: note the cMotion controller synced with the ND variable lens control on top of the matte box.Credit: Cinefade

You definitely need to check out the website in order to get in-depth idea about the product. Its very exciting and opens up many ways of storytelling. Let us know what you all think about this innovation.

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