Comparison between Nikon D810, Canon 5D Mark IV and Sony A7R II

Comparison between cameras is always not about deciding which one is the best to use. It can be just some features and abilities that matter to different photographers. The Slanted Lens made a comparison video on three high-end full frame cameras which are Nikon D810, Canon 5D Mark IV and Sony A7R II respectively. They tested image quality, autofocus accuracy and tracking, dynamic range, and high ISO/low light performance for all the cameras.

Here’s the summary from the comparison video:

Image Quality:

Nikon performed really good in the test along with Sony as both delivered sharp images. Canon was a little bit short in terms of sharpness but I guess that’s because it has the lowest resolution in the group. But Nikon produced the best quality image with nice contrast and perfect brightness as compared to other images.


Nikon and Canon performed consistently with Nikon being right on focused when the subject was far. In close range, Sony was pretty sharper than Canon but surprisingly Nikon missed one shot which came out blurry. Sony was automatically focusing in both cases due to its feature and it was meaningless to compare. But it stands out while focusing when the subject is moving due to its advanced face detection technology. Nikon and Canon fared ok in the test but Sony was spot on.

When the subject is far:


When the subject is moving:

Dynamic Range:

Canon looked fabulous with nice detail, proper contrast, dark shadows and highlights doing fine. While Nikon is more contrasty, brighter and protects the highlight more. But overall Sony is the one with the best dynamic range with open shadows and more details with highlights well balanced.

Low Light:

All the cameras performed well till 1600 ISO. Nikon performed well till 3200 ISO but still had some grains which can be used creatively maybe. Sony was slightly okay till 3200 ISO but it became grainy at 6400 ISO while the face being pretty clear.

In conclusion, Sony and Nikon fared very well than Canon according to the results in the video which is a little bit disappointing with the fact that 5D Mark IV is the newest in the group. But to sum up, the video is very informative and might help you out to decide the camera you want to own if you are confused.

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