Explainer Videos: Why your business need them!

The market is changing very quickly due to progress in technology. Now a consumer perceives a product very differently.

More than a decade it has passed by the internet technology blended in the marketing playground and since then been proved much needed for all kinds of transactions of strategy or ideas or involvement of intellectuality towards reaching the mass as a product owner point of view. The technology game has just begun and we will see lots of changes happening pretty soon which entitle us to be always aware of all the happenings in the business. All these has seen a rise in demand for explainer videos for various products.

The main purpose of a product should be how it’s going to be important for the consumers and how they will be in the zone of needing it for their purpose. It can be a solution to them or it can be a service but the important aspect is to have a conveying message towards them and build an interactional and communicative bonding with them so that they can feel up close with the product. The best answers to those requirements are explainer videos. They are everywhere and they are taking marketing to a different level currently.

Explainer Videos

Recent studies have shown that people are spending time on digital video than social media per day. Brands are including video as their integral part in the marketing campaign which explains the importance of it. The highlighted content will be responsible for all the present and future connections. So, it’s very wise to consider video a part of your branding.

Here are 5 reasons why you should accept explainer videos and how that will impact your customers.

  • The Connection

When you are presenting something, which is visually engaging with your consumers; there is a unique emotion attached to it. It’s straight to the point, convincing and conveys the motto of the product to its receiver directly. The way the video sets its pieces according to the emotional appealing is really positive for the requirement of the consumer to understand it. A video can have statistics, information, inputs and other needed information which will be directly conveyed to the viewers. That’s the goal, to make the consumers watch the video, process it and maybe responses to it by giving the product a chance. If the video is powerful enough it just might achieve an organic boost in terms of reaching more possible customers.

Explainer video we made for Pro-Lab Manager

  • The Uniqueness

The only way to hook people on certain things is when they see something different, unique. Explainer videos are perfect in terms of mixing up your side of creativity and explaining away your product at the same time.  The creative aspect is a very important factor for creating the interest in the video from a viewer’s perspective. So, the impact and impression for your products work in a proportional way when it comes to keeping the customers hooked in it.

  • The Branding factor

Videos not only allows you to convey your products to your specific target but also give them the glimpse of your own company in terms of your position in the market. When you market yourself, every video can prove beneficial for you as it not only will establish the product but will also reflect on the image of the company. You can include videos in your branding strategy which will definitely open up more make it more engaging. As The engagement factor is very important nowadays to successfully gain customers.

Whiteboard animation for Propsafe

  • The USP

The social media has increased the value of explainer videos for sure. You can share it everywhere possible just on a convenience of a click. Right there comes the convenient engagement factor which is so important for any company. The videos will reach to many people organically, and then make its way to blogs, other websites which will lead to more engagement. So, when you have explainer videos it’s much easier to get the attention of the online crowd.

  • The Survival

Explainer videos will be there for a long time once they are around. That’s an advantage for any company. It will ensure that the product’s engagements for a long time. The marketing campaign might get over but a video will be always there online or among people. And it will never stop reaching people. It will be always on the cloud and available to future clients as well.

Hope we have explained enough to portray the importance and need of explainer videos for your business. Make sure to add them in your marketing strategies, we bet you won’t regret.

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