Editing guide: Cuts & Transitions 101!

When it comes to storytelling, editing plays a big role.

Cuts and transitions¬†are very important in order to narrate a story, set the mood and replicate your emotions towards the audience. The following video by RJFS narrates down and explain various cuts and transitions that you can use in order to tell your story. The workflow goes in storytelling sometimes are completely dependent on how the cuts are made and hence it’s very important to have some basic calculation about it beforehand which helps in editing later.

Cuts & Transitions mentioned in the video:

  • Cutting On Action
  • Cut Away
  • Cross Cut
  • Jump Cut
  • Match Cut
  • Fade In/ Fade Out
  • Dissolve
  • Smash Cut
  • Iris
  • Wipe
  • Invisible Cut
  • L- Cut
  • J- Cut
  • Creative Combinations

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