Is learning filmmaking is like learning maths?

Simon Cade from DSLRguide released a video on how to teach yourself filmmaking.

He cleverly compared learning filmmaking with learning maths, yes you read it right!

The video started off with him comparing textbooks with films. Just the way we read textbooks to understand the theory behind sums, we can do the same process by just watching films. In his words, watching stuff gives us a demonstration of what’s possible; which completely makes sense.

In addition to reading, he compared practicing sums with making films. Thus implying the need of practice to figure out how to do it and improvise accordingly. Furthermore, he also mentioned the need of a mentor just like how teachers always manage to make you understand stuff which textbooks fail.

The comparison between classmates and fellow filmmakers in the scene is a brilliant way to convey the message of how we all can work together and learn from each other. Another important point of view he implied is, can we learn filmmaking while we are relaxed? He took the example of education system in Finland and proved how being with self and the real world empower your vision. Because in the end your films will be about what you have experienced in the real world.

Posted by nwork