Sherlock creator Mark Gatiss On Screenwriting

Screenwriting plays an important role when it comes to present your story to mass.

Sherlock creator Mark Gatiss sat with BAFTA and gave his point of view on screenwriting. He starts off explaining the required atmosphere for him to write which he prefers at dawn. Because he finds peace around that time which guides him to focus more on writing. There was a lack of support on other habits which is helpful to some other writers but he was not in favor of those practices.

He emphasized the requirement to research thoroughly when you are writing a story. The genre doesn’t matter as you have to give everything┬áto your research. And shape up the whole story along with it which sort of make the audience feel the real projection of life on screen.

Talking about challenges while writing, he shared his experience on writing Dr. Who,which was his dream project as well. He mentioned how hard it was but eventually it turned out to be a learning process. He also discussed his involvement in creating Sherlock, the obstacles that he had to tackle.

When asked to give some tips to aspiring writer, he only advised to keep on writing. In addition, he asked to show it to others and get their point of view and perception about it. He also spoke about how he is trying his best to give aspiring writers a scope by his methods as he knows well how it feels to be in that desperate situation.


Here’s a video from Nerdwriter discussing the approach Sherlock takes:

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