Master Composition to improve Cinematography!

Explore the concept of Composition in Cinematography.

Composition plays a vital role in cinematography as its the sole medium between conceptualizing your story and presenting it on screen. The importance is very high as it sets your important elements in their designated place. In order to achieve good composition, you need to have the idea on how you are composing the whole thing.

There are some rules followed by filmmakers such as the Rule of Thirds and the Golden Ratio. But there are many filmmakers who use their own style as well. Initially, the main goal is to compose the scene perfectly so that it looks good and convey the story. If you have to break the rules, you can by just making sure it’s making sense to the storytelling.

In the attached video, Darious Britt explained composition in the most interactive way possible while adding humor to it. It clears all confusion with its informative breakdown of points.



To summarize the video, it’s very informative. For me, the idea of composition is very necessary to tell your story. It bridges between the audience and your point of view, it sort of keeps the audience hooked on your story when the composition is nicely done. So hope the video will give you the required idea about composition which you can utilize in your projects.


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