Transform your iPhone into a high-end camera via new FiLMiC Pro update!

Good news for smartphone filmmakers as FiLMiC Pro is back with a new update.

The concept of enabling 4K in smartphones is to be there with the choice to capture your subjects at a decent quality. It’s not always convenient shooting with high-end cameras and smartphones are the right choice in certain situations. Though the quality won’t be the exclusive one but still something is always better than nothing.

FiLMiC Pro app became popular after Tangerine, which was shot on iPhone 5s with the help of the app was a success. The app gives control over smartphone cameras’ settings, like shutter speed, resolution, and frame rate just like professional cameras.

FiLMiC Pro

Ungraded & Graded shots from the video

Cinematographer¬†Matteo Bertoli explored the beta version of the new update. In the update, the app added the feature to shoot with a Log/flat picture profile. The feature is very exciting and it will be helpful to many creators as they can grade it later. Shooting in Log/Flat is usually available only in high-end cameras. Now that it’s available for smartphones, it will be interesting to see how creators make use of it for their work.¬†You can read his take on the update at PetaPixel.¬†

Meanwhile, you can watch the test footage he published.

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