14 NoBudge Awards short films you should watch today!

Winners of 2016 NoBudge Awards are announced.

It will be exciting to see what 2017 holds for NoBudge Awards. Short films are always close to heart for any filmmakers. It’s amazing to see the amount of hard work filmmakers put up to pull off their films. You can find the full list along with the short films attached bellow.

Here’s the full list:

Best Film: Thunder Road
Best Drama: Her Friend Adam
Best Comedy: Savasana
Best Director: I Remember Nothing (Zia Anger)
Best Screenplay (tie): Partners (Writers: Jen Tulluck & Hannah Pearl Utt) // Killer (Writer: Matt Kazman)
Best Cinematography: Shelly (D.P.: Jeff Melanson)
Best Editing: Introducing Bobby (Editor: Roger Hayn)
Best Female Performance: Her Friend Adam (Grace Glowicki) | Male Performance: Thunder Road (Jim Cummings)
Best Experimental Film: Ouchiemongo

Spirit of NoBudge Honorable Mention:

World Wide Woven Bodies
Making Eyes
Free of Thought

If you have made this far, congratulations on your time spent well while watching all the amazing short films above.

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