Choosing the perfect lens for your ventures!

The most common enquiry done by anyone who has bought a DSLR is which lens to upgrade to or which lens to buy and start off. The world of lens is huge. Therefore it completely depends on what kind of photography you are aiming for, what is your interest or which style you are going to pursue etc. But the truth is if you have what you need you can pull off some great photographs even with a basic lens. So here is a breakdown of various types of lenses you might want to know.



Types of DSLR Lenses:


Standard Lenses – a camera lens with a focal length approximately equal to the diagonal of the negative (taken as 50 mm for a 35 mm camera), giving a field of view similar to that of the naked eye.


Kit Lenses – Generally kit lenses come along with DSLR and they serve as entry level lenses. You can certainly take your first steps towards photography with them.


Prime Lenses – A prime lens is a lens that has one focal length only. Prime lenses are known for their image quality and speed (faster aperture). Using prime lenses can be challenging. But the quality of images it captures is enough to make you feel good about the challenge.


Telephoto Zoom Lenses – Zoom lenses are the most popular DSLR lenses at present and come in a range of configurations and levels of quality. Obviously, the benefit of zooms is that you do not need to physically get closer to your subject to get a tighter framing of the image. These lenses can have quite narrow ranges or quite long ones.


Macro Lenses – These lenses are specifically designed for shooting objects up close. Many lenses and cameras come with a ‘macro’ setting but true macro lenses will produce images that are life size. As a result, it enables you to get in incredibly close from the subject you’re shooting.


Wide Angle Lenses – Wide lenses enable their users to take shots with a very wide perspective. They are useful for landscapes and for getting in nice and close to subjects.



In conclusion, you’re now at least equipped with some basic ideas for your next DSLR lens purchase. You can choose the type you think you might need often for your kind of photography or videography. But it’s always wise to have a prime lens, a zoom lens and a standard lens. These three types sort of covers everything you generally need.

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