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Understand the Laws of Light!

The camera is not your tool, it’s the object that simply records the light that you place in front of it. Photography or Videography is impossible¬†without light. Jay P. Morgan mentioned in his Laws of


Master Composition to improve Cinematography!

Explore the concept of Composition in Cinematography. Composition plays a vital role in cinematography as its the sole medium between conceptualizing your story and presenting it on screen. The importance is very high as it

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Transform your iPhone into a high-end camera via new FiLMiC Pro update!

Good news for smartphone filmmakers as FiLMiC Pro is back with a new update. The concept of enabling 4K in smartphones is to be there with the choice to capture your subjects at a decent

NoBudge Awards

14 NoBudge Awards short films you should watch today!

Winners of¬†2016 NoBudge Awards are announced. It will be exciting to see what 2017 holds for NoBudge Awards. Short films are always close to heart for any filmmakers. It’s amazing to see the amount of

Lumix GH5 unleashed by Panasonic at CES 2017!

At Photokina 2016 Panasonic announced they will be releasing Lumix GH5 soon. But there was little information regarding the camera specs. Finally, at CES 2017 Panasonic has unleashed Lumix GH5. New GH5 comes with a