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Zooms vs Primes

Zooms vs Primes, which one is better? Find out!

The debate about the better lens type is on for a long time. Many claim prime lenses contributes in your creative approach than the zoom lenses. Photographer Matt Granger posted a video where he explained very


ZEISS announces new 21-100mm zoom lens!

Filmmakers love those lenses which serve just more than being a lens. I guess ZEISS might just have that essence in their lenses to provide more to users than the usual lenses. The new ZEISS Lightweight


Angenieux drops two brand new Type EZ zoom lenses!

Angénieux has announced a new range of zoom lenses at IBC 2016 in collaboration with Band Pro Film & Digital Inc., and Jebsen Industrial Technology Co. Ltd. The new lenses are under Angenieux Type EZ Series


Choosing the perfect lens for your ventures!

The most common enquiry done by anyone who has bought a DSLR is which lens to upgrade to or which lens to buy and start off. The world of lens is huge. Therefore it completely