Understand the Laws of Light!

The camera is not your tool, it’s the object that simply records the light that you place in front of it.

Photography or Videography is impossible without light. Jay P. Morgan mentioned in his Laws of Lights series videos that light is the tool that all we use in order to function with our equipment. Hence, it’s very important to be familiar with the Laws of Light which will help us capture our subjects perfectly. In the series, he explained the importance of light. And how its projection changes the way we can capture our subjects.

With the help of sphere, cube, and cylinder, he explained the way you can use light to portray your subject. He mentioned how by just switching the source of light we can get 5 things on our subject. Those things are the highlight, incident highlight, core, shadow and cast shadow. Furthermore, he guided on how to separate the subject from the background by just adding another light source.

Laws of Light

Laws of Light

In a case of a cube, he explained how the change of light can bring changes to the three different dimensions which are visible. We attached all the videos down here from the series.

Laws of Light: Episode 1

This episode explains about the angle of light with the help of sphere and much more.

Laws of Light: Episode 2

This episode explains how we can visualize dimensions with the help of cube.

Laws of Light: Episode 3

This episode explains how lighting can be done on subjects which have both cubical and spherical features.

Laws of Light: Episode 4

This episode explains how to compose all the three kinds of object and how to light them if they are together.

So, now we know the Laws of Light and hope this was helpful for you. Lighting is very important in terms of expressing your art via a photograph or a video. Knowing the Laws of Light, you will definitely have the upper hand in manipulating light the way you want and take advantage of it.

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